2017 Calendar

We enjoyed the following Tanka Society of America activities in 2017.

January: Time to renew your TSA membership!

February–March: “Favorite Tanka” from Ripples in the Sand, posted on Facebook

April 14: Happy 17th anniversary, Tanka Society of America!

April 30: Ribbons deadline (see submission guidelines)

April 1–May 31: Submission window for the 2017 Sanford Goldstein International Tanka Contest entries
(see submission guidelines)

July 15–August 31: Submission window for our 2017 members anthology (see submission guidelines)

August 31: Ribbons deadline (see submission guidelines)

August–September: “Favorite Tanka” from Ribbons, posted on Facebook

September 17: Tanka Sunday in Santa Fe, New Mexico (free to register)

December 31: Ribbons deadline (see submission guidelines)