Tanka Links

You’ll find many tanka resources online. Here’s a selection of them.



Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society (England; apparently inactive)

International Tanka Society / Nihon Kajin Club (publishes International Tanka, formerly Tanka Journal) (Japan)

Tanka Canada (publishes Gusts) (Canada)

United Haiku and Tanka Society



American Tanka

Atlas Poetica

The Bamboo Hut

Eucalypt (Australia)

Gusts (Tanka Canada)

International Tanka (Japan Tanka Poets’ Society / Nihon Kajin Club)

Moonbathing (women only)

Red Lights (stale Facebook page; has no website)
Skylark (England; discontinued, but old issues are available on Amazon)

Tanka Journal (replaced by International Tanka, Japan Tanka Poets’ Society)
Tanka Journal (Prolific Press)


Other Links

All Things Tanka

Graceguts tanka page

Kozue Uzawa’s Tanka Pages

Mandy’s Pages Annual Tanka Contest

Modern English Tanka (link no longer works)

Tanka (Academy of American Poets)

Tanka (on Wikipedia)

Tanka in English (on Wikipedia)

Tanka Online

Tanka Poets on Site (on Facebook)

What Is a Waka? (by Amy Vladeck Heinrich)

Wind Five-Folded School of Tanka (Aha Poetry)

Waka Bungakukai 和歌文学会 (Japanese)
Waka Literary Society blog (Japanese)

Haiku Society of America

Haiku Canada

Before the Tanka Society of America moved in 2013 to the current .org domain used for this site, it previously had a .com domain name. You can view an archive version of the old website on the WayBack Machine.