Ribbons Submission Guidelines

Submissions to Ribbons, the Tanka Society of America journal, are open to TSA members and nonmembers alike. You are welcome to submit up to ten original and unpublished tanka for each issue, plus essays, interviews, news, and announcements. Submissions by email are preferred (please include all text in the body of each email; no attached files, please, unless requested). Submit to drice2@comcast.net with the subject heading “Ribbons Submissions.” Or submit by postal mail to:


David Rice

Ribbons Editor

1470 Keoncrest Drive

Berkeley, CA 94702 USA


Your submissions must not be under consideration elsewhere, submitted to any contest, or previously published anywhere at any time, including online. However, any tanka posted to online workshop lists or on Facebook are permissible. All rights revert to authors upon publication, except that the TSA reserves the right to reprint content from its publications on TSA social media sites and its website.

Tanka Prose

Starting with the 2016 spring/summer issue, Ribbons will accept tanka prose. You can submit one tanka prose piece per issue (include a title). Combined word count for tanka and prose should not exceed 300 words (it can have more than one tanka, however). Email submissions to Autumn Noelle Hall, tanka prose editor, at ribbonstankaprose@gmail.com (please include all text in the body of each email; no attached files, please, unless requested). If submitting by postal mail, send to David Rice at the address above.

Tanka Prose Editor’s Comments: “Some of the things I most appreciate and will seek in tanka prose as an editor are honesty and authenticity, a strong sense of voice and emotion, creative use of both the form and the language used to accomplish it, the 
intimacy/proximity created by that visceral feeling of place or ‘being there,’ and a daring and open field of subject matter. I view the title, prose, and tanka as three separate potentials working in symbiosis to expand one another while creating a cohesive whole. I believe there is room for both the literary and the colloquial in tanka prose; and that contemporary relevance and pushing the edges are every bit as vital to the survival and advancement of the form as adhering to tradition. I welcome your best work—please don’t hesitate to amaze me!”


Book Reviews

Please send book reviews to our book review editor, Margaret Dornaus, at mdornaus@centurytel.net (please include all text in the body of each email; no attached files, please, unless requested). You can also submit books for review or book reviews by postal mail to:


Margaret Dornaus

Ribbons Book Review Editor

1729 Cripple Branch Lane

Ozark, AR 72949 USA

Submission Deadlines

Ribbons submission deadlines are in-hand no later than the following dates:


April 30: Spring/Summer Issue

August 31: Fall Issue

December 31: Winter Issue


The Ribbons editor will respond to all submissions within one month of the submission deadline.



Ribbons seeks fresh material of the highest standard to present to our readers. Any tanka with a sensibility that distinguishes the form will be considered. Therefore, we welcome different syllable counts, varying individual styles and techniques, and we’re open to diverse yet appropriate subject material.


Essays and book reviews must also be well-researched and offer fresh insights and information. To ensure that your proposals and drafts of substantive work such as articles, essays, and interviews receive the proper attention, please send your inquiries and submissions well in advance of deadline dates.


Note: These submission guidelines do not apply to submissions for the Tanka Café column (open to TSA members only). See Tanka Café submission guidelines.