James Won


6233 Golden West Avenue

Temple City, CA 91780 USA


James Won has been writing tanka off and on since 2011, and has been a member of the Tanka Society of America since then. Besides publishing in TSA publications, his tanka have also been published in Atlas Poetica, Red Lights, and Bright Star. He often participates in poetry readings and workshops in his local area. He lives in Temple City, California with his wife, and they enjoy gardening and other outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing, and traveling.

lavender festival

under shade of trees

gray hair couples

from afar in folding chairs

listening to “when I’m sixty four”

Bright Star #7, 2014

walking under

a shared umbrella

in the hot sun . . .

if our shadows lead

shouldn’t we follow

Red Lights 8:1, January 2012

in sunlight glistens

a sticky spider web

stretching across the walk

in my haste to be elsewhere

I’ve no patience for art

Atlas Poetica #10, Autumn 2011