Laurels: Tanka Society of America Online Journal

Laurels is the twice-yearly online publication of the Tanka Society of America, launched in 2024, for members only (nonmembers and members are welcome to submit to our print publication, Ribbons). Each issue of Laurels focuses on an announced theme, with members serving as guest editors. Laurels is for individual tanka only, and does not include sequences, tanka prose, essays, or reviews, and will accept no more than one poem per member per issue. We invite members to submit up to three unpublished tanka for each issue. Please, no simultaneous or multiple submissions (submit only once).

Submission Deadlines

Laurels submission deadlines are in-hand no later than the following dates:

Each Laurels guest editor will typically respond to all submissions within one month of each submission deadline.

Laurels #1 Submission Guidelines for members only


Finding beauty in the broken is a precept in Buddhist teachings. In imperfection, in brokenness—looking through a kintsugi lens—we can discover uniqueness, find beauty, perhaps even cherish it. Consider not only the broken, but what we think most offensive, perhaps the appearance of a particular insect we find grotesque or ugly. There’s something to admire in a cracked leaf, a crow’s missing foot, the hairy spider. Where can you find beauty in what you always thought offensive or ugly (consider all your senses, perhaps its smell)? How might you reframe a negative aspect of a person into something endearing?


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