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Membership in the Tanka Society of America is open to anyone anywhere. TSA membership is annual, starting January 1 and expiring on December 31. Membership includes two issues of the TSA journal, Ribbons, and eligibility to submit poems to the “Tanka Hangout” column in Ribbons, to Laurels, our online tanka journal, and to our annual members’ anthology. You will also receive members-only email announcements and reminders (be sure to check your spam filter, if necessary). Those joining late in the year will receive all that year’s back issues of Ribbons and the anthology. You can also order additional copies of Ribbons and anthologies by emailing Kathabela Wilson at, or from the or websites at regular prices (search for “Tanka Society of America”).

Alternatively, we also offer a PDF-only membership option for anyone anywhere, where all publications are sent to you in PDF format by email. PDF memberships still entitle members to submit to our anthology, to the “Tanka Hangout” column in Ribbons, and to Laurels. Please note that PDF copies are not included with regular print memberships, and come only with the PDF membership option.

To become a member or to renew your membership, please supply the following information and send it with your payment to the secretary’s address (below), or print out this page, fill it out (PRINT NEATLY, PLEASE), and mail it in. You may also click the PayPal button below to pay online, but please also email the secretary with the information requested. By joining, all members consent to receiving email notifications for society announcements unless the member does not have or supply an email address.

TSA Membership Form

Please start or renew my annual TSA membership with one of the following options (you can pay by mail or electronically by PayPal):

[   ]  $30 United States

[   ]  $35 Canada or Mexico

[   ]  $47 Elsewhere

[   ]  $15 PDF-only delivery of TSA publications

Note: If you are joining in the last third of the calendar year (September through December), please indicate if your payment is for the current year (including back issues of Ribbons and the anthology for the year) or if you want your payment to apply to the coming year.

Date: ________________________________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Email: ________________________________________________________ (required to receive email news)

Phone: ________________________________________________________ (optional)

[   ]   Please check this box if you are providing a NEW postal or email address above.

Membership Listing

I would like my mailing address included in the annual TSA membership directory. [   ] Yes     [   ] No

I would like my email address included in the annual TSA membership directory. [   ] Yes     [   ] No

If left unchecked, your mailing and email addresses will be included in annual membership directory.

Please tell us how you heard about us: ___________________________________________________________

If you might volunteer services to the society, please tell us how: ___________________________________

Amount enclosed:

$________ Membership payment

$________ Donation

$________ Total Enclosed

Please make your payment by check or international postal money order payable in U.S. dollars to “Tanka Society of America.” Send cash at your own risk.

Postal Payment

Please mail new memberships, renewals, donations, changes of address, and requests for information to:

Kathabela Wilson

TSA Secretary

439 S Catalina Ave #306

Pasadena, CA 91106 USA

PayPal Payment

Instead of mailing us your payment, you may pay by PayPal by clicking one of the following buttons (do not pay by email). When you click one of the following payment options, you will be able to enter your contact information. If you pay by PayPal, please also email Kathabela Wilson at (do not make PayPal payments to this email address) to provide your name, address, phone number (optional), email, and whether you want your mailing address and email address included in the TSA member directory. Please also indicate if you are providing NEW postal or email addresses.

Note: Before selecting Pay Now, you have the option to include a donation. To do this, please select the down arrow and choose the additional donation option, which adds $5.00 to your payment, for which we would be grateful. To donate higher amounts, please select the Donate button below to make a separate transaction. Thank you!

Annual membership dues for residents of the United States: $30.00 (US dollars) or select the down arrow to add a donation of $5.00

Annual membership dues for residents of Canada and Mexico: $35.00 (US dollars) or select the down arrow to add a donation of $5.00

Annual membership dues for residents of all other countries: $47.00 (US dollars) or select the down arrow to add a donation of $5.00

Annual membership dues for anyone anywhere, receiving publications via PDF only: $15.00 (US dollars) or select the down arrow to add a donation of $5.00


We also welcome your donations in any amount (because TSA is not yet a registered nonprofit organization, your donations are not tax deductible in the United States, but would still be very welcome).


If you have questions, please contact Kathabela Wilson at

Please note: To order extra copies of Ribbons and TSA anthologies, see our Publications Sale page, or please first inquire with Kathabela. You can also order TSA publications at the or websites. On Lulu’s main page, type “Tanka Society of America” in the search box, click Go, and you will see TSA publications, including some of our annual anthologies.