New Ribbons Editor

Post date: Apr 22, 2021 7:44:8 AM

The Tanka Society of America is pleased to announce that Susan Weaver is now our new editor for Ribbons. We are grateful to Christine L. Villa, who has served in this position for four issues but recently announced her desire to step aside. Susan had already been helping Chrissi with recent issues and we’re very fortunate that she can take over editing duties, with Chrissi’s help during the transition. Michael H. Lester will help with the transition, too, and we’re also pleased to welcome Liz Lanigan as our new Ribbons tanka prose editor. These changes require updates to our Ribbons submission guidelines, so please do check them out. Please also visit Susan Weaver’s new officer page to learn more about her and to read three sample tanka. Welcome, Susan!