Tanka Sunday 2013

The Tanka Society of America is pleased to sponsor its second-ever tanka conference on Sunday, August 18, 2013 aboard the Queen Mary, docked at the harbor in Long Beach, California. “Tanka Sunday” will take place immediately after the Haiku North America conference, and will feature Professor Steven D. Carter as keynote speaker. Additional speakers, readers, and performers include Terry Ann Carter, Margaret Chula, Amelia Fielden, Marilyn Hazelton, Peggy Heinrich, Mariko Kitakubo, Genie Nakano, David Rice, Kozue Uzawa, Michael Dylan Welch, and Kathabela Wilson. 

Our first tanka conference, called “Tanka Day,” was held in New York City on June 30, 2003. We hope we don’t wait another ten years for our next tanka conference. Don’t miss out!

Group photo by Michael Dylan Welch, taken on August 18, 2013 aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.