Tanka Sunday 2013 Schedule

We’ve planned an exciting day of tanka events, with ample breaks for socializing and to purchase books at our bookfair. To join us, please register today.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

All Tanka Sunday events will be held in the Victoria Room (without the tables shown here) aboard the Queen Mary.

1:00 pm Welcome, introductions, and round-robin reading of tanka

1:30 pm Tanka Writing Workshop, led by Ribbons editor, David Rice

2:15 pm Break (buy books, swap tanka handouts, write tan-renga)

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: “International Views of Tanka”

3:30 pm Group photo, followed by a break

3:45 pm Tanka Society of America Business and Discussion: “Where Do We Go from Here?”

4:15 pm Break

4:30 pm Keynote Presentation:

“Kinoshita Choshoshi (1569–1649): Tanka Iconoclast”

5:15 pm Q&A with Stephen D. Carter

5:30 pm Break for dinner (Queen Mary restaurants)

7:00 pm Evening Reading

9:00 pm Socializing at Queen Mary lounges and restaurants

Evening readings and performances will be by Steven D. Carter, Terry Ann Carter, Margaret Chula, Amelia Fielden, Peggy Heinrich, Mariko Kitakubo, Genie Nakano, Kozue Uzawa, Michael Dylan Welch, Kathabela Wilson, and more. If you have a new book of tanka, and would like to be featured in our evening reading, please notify Margaret Chula by July 15, 2013.