Tanka Monday 2023

The Tanka Society of America is pleased to sponsor its sixth tanka conference, to be held in person on Monday, July 3, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the historic Mercantile Library, with accommodations at the nearby Netherland Plaza Hotel. “Tanka Monday 2023” will take place immediately after the Haiku North America conference, with a variety of speakers, readers, performers, and other activities. Presenters and readers include Randy Brooks, Tish Davis, Nicky Gutierrez, Marilyn Shoemaker Hazelton, Julie Bloss Kelsey, Mariko Kitakubo, Deborah P Kolodji, Lenard D. Moore, Michael Dylan Welch, and others. Zoom options are not possible for this event and we look forward to seeing you in person. If you have a presentation, workshop, or reading to propose, please contact Michael at WelchM@aol.com. Put this event on your calendar now—don’t miss out! Also make sure to book your hotel room early, as rooms are limited.

Inside the Mercantile Library.

Inside the Netherland Plaza Hotel.

Group photo by Michael Dylan Welch of attendees at Tanka Monday 2019 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, held on August 12, 2019. We hope you can join us for our 2023 group photo!

See additional Mercantile Library pictures and Netherland Hotel pictures (click the Photos link). Learn more about the hotels remarkable history at Historic Hotels of America.

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